In addition to looking at and reading your appropriate motivational decal many times each day, it is also very helpful to do the following simple meditation three times a day for a minimum of five minutes.  This simple meditation is as follows:

A)  First position yourself in a comfortable chair in an empty quite room.
B)  Wear comfortable non-binding cloths and have an empty stomach.
C)  With your feet on the ground, hands cupped together on your lap and eyes closed, slowly breathe in and out through your nose while concentrating/listening to the air go into your nose and out of your nose. Do this very slowly for 1 minute.
D)  Then for the next 3 minutes, select one of the below statements to repeat as you slowly breathe in and breathe out with your eyes closed:

                                          a)  Inhale: "In comes good air".                       Exhale: "Out goes bad air".
                                          b)  Inhale: "In comes healthy air".                   Exhale: "Out goes diseased air".
                                          c)  Inhale: "In comes good new habits".         Exhale: "Out goes bad old habits".
                                          d)  Inhale: "In comes positive energy".           Exhale: "Out goes negative energy."        

E)  To finish your 5 minute meditation session, continue inhaling/exhaling slowly for 1 minute while thinking of "nothing" which will allow the energy from the Infinite Universe to fill your mind and help your sub-conscious mind eliminate your negative addiction.

Repeat your meditation three times a day (using any of different statements) for a minimum of five minutes.  Slowly increase your meditation time to twenty minutes.

By doing these daily meditations (along with reviewing your motivational decals) many times a day, you will be slowly cleansing both your body and mind by eliminating your old negative unhealthy habit.  

Congratulations on your success on starting your journey of eliminating your negative habit/addiction and beginning to cleanse your body of dirty pollutants to a clean healthy state (plus putting $2000+ in saving in your pocket in 2019).

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