These free Decals with their subliminal motivational visualization messages will empower college and high school students overcome the undesirable habits that they have and which they desire to eliminate. Just click below on the appropriate message you wish to eliminate to download a free copy of its decal:




Place these decals on your bathroom or dresser mirrors, on binder or planner covers, on car windows or sun visors, and/or desk tops. 

Place them any where that makes it easy to see them 5-10-25 times a day.

The more locations, the more effective their messages will be in eliminating your undesirable unhealthy habit.

Look at the decals every chance you get, reading the three affirmation sentences and absorb the both the negative message and the positive messages.  Your goal is to  transform you mind set to the positive affirmation (the person you are becoming) and releasing the negative affirmation (the person you are no longer).   
Start improving your health today and save yourself $2000+ in 2019 .     Congratulations on your success on starting your journey of eliminating your negative habit/addiction and beginning to cleanse your body of dirty pollutants to a clean healthy state.   Start today and stop being a PRO (a Perfect Rectal Orifice or in simple tuff love terms an Perfect Asshole).                

A Self-Help Website to Eliminate Your Addictive Negative Habits

​Thereby Improving Your Health By Making Good Choices


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